We want the planet to stay as beautiful as you.

Lacquered + Stripped is an eco-conscious salon, focusing on sustainability and using vegan products. Located in beautiful Connaught Village.

The products we use are ethically sourced, eco-friendly and cruelty-free.

As well as being conscious of the products we are using, we are also a sustainable salon. In order to achieve this, we use low-energy lighting, energy and water-saving technologies, a renewable energy supplier, recyclable towels, limit plastic consumption and waste. We do all the hard work so our customers can relax knowing they’re in good hands and their conscience is clear.

We aren’t perfect but are trying our best to be. Certain products unfortunately still produce waste that doesn't biodegrade. To make up for a problem we can’t yet solve we have offset each member of our teams carbon footprint to ensure the salon is truly as green as it can be. 

The salon is a Caribbean inspired open plan space, embracing the green tropical decor and relaxed laidback attitude of the Caribbean. Welcome to anyone and everyone to enjoy, even four legged friends.

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