Frequently Asked Questions

Got a burning question? Well, let us try and answer it for you.

Q: Which brands do you use?

A: All of our brands are vegan and cruelty-free!

The Gel Bottle, Peacci, Orly, Nailchemy, Apres Nails, Kalentin, Jax Wax, Medik8, Halo, Gellifique, Gelish, Cuccio, Lash Bomb

We also sell Davines hair products.

Q: What makes the salon sustainable?

A: We are a sustainability first salon. The Salon is carbon neutral, offsetting 14 tonnes of carbon emisions and planting 14 trees a year to improve biodiversity. We use 100% renewable energy, Water saving devices, recyclable towels, all of the wood used is reclaimed, none of our furniture is leather, we use bio-degrade products wherever possible, offer refills on products, use minimal plastic, repurpose the water from our pedicures to water our plants and much, much more...

Q: Why do I need a patch test?

A: We require our clients to have a patch test for all colour, lash and some brow services. This covers both you and the salon. Patch tests are given to prevent allergic reactions and are required for insurance purposes.

Q: Do you sell Gift Cards?

A: Yes we do! You can buy Gift Cards in store or online. Please note gift cards cannot be used in conjunction with discount codes.

Q: Can I buy products from you?

A: Of course! We sell both Davines and Medik8 in salon.

Q: I want to book a nail appointment but there are so many choices, which one is right for me?

A: We know booking online can throw us a few challenges but let us breakdown each option for you.

Gel Mani: Perfect for someone wanting a more natural look but long lasting results. Gel paint is used on your natural nail, the gel lasts up to 3 weeks.

Builder in a Bottle Gel:BIAB (for short) are a great way to strengthen brittle or weak nails. Here, the added length of extensions is replaced in favour of adding a strengthening mixture directly onto the nail. BIAB lasts up to 3 weeks.

Apres Gel-X:No drills, No odour, gentle application, up to 4 week wear and a natural look. A pre-shaped tip is applied to nails with soft gel to create your desired length, includes gel finish. This gel system is a better alternative to your regular acrylic as it keeps your natural nail healthier. Just like a gel mani you can't infill Apres gel-x. A great option if you like Gel paint but looking for that extra length!

Acrylic-Gel: Acrylic-Gel is lighter, stronger and better for your nails. Acrylic-Gel is not an acrylic or a gel, it is a hybrid system which combines the best of both worlds in a revolutionary all-in-one system that's undeniably better! Acrylic-Gel delivers strong, flexible, feather-light nails. It is odourless and produces no airborne dust. This product can be sculpted without tips.

UV Gel: UV GEL is a great alternative to Acrylics, notoriously better for the nails but as durable, UV Gel is the perfect option for anyone who loves that extra length. Nail infills are recommended around 3 to 4 weeks from the date of the initial application.

Q: What is your Rescheduling policy or Cancellation Policy?


Rescheduling policy

If your plans change, you can reschedule your booking up to 24 hours before your appointment. If you reschedule on the same day you will incur a £15 fee which will be added to your following appointment.

Cancellation policy

We do require a deposit for all appointments. Any deposit left will be lost if the cancellation is after 24 hours for 1 hour appointments and 48 hours for 1+ hour appointments. If you cancel within the allotted time you are entitled to a full refund of your deposit to your original payment method. Clients who have cancelled on the same day will be required to pay upfront for any future bookings.

Covid Cancellation policy

Any clients cancelling last minute due to Covid symptoms will be able to reschedule their appointment on the same day to a later date, as long as proof of a positive test is provided within 24 hours. Deposits will not be refunded.

No Shows

If an appointment is missed or a client does not show up for an appointment without contact prior upfront payment will be required for any future bookings.

Running Late

If a client is running later than 10 minutes we may not be able to fulfil the full appointment. We will always try and offer an alternative option. If a client arrives later than 15 minutes we may have to cancel the appointment and any deposit or payment taken will be lost.

Did you know, a £50 cancellation a day adds up to £1200 a month. We have policies in place to ensure we can keep our salon door open and continue to offer the best service possible.

Q: What if I am running late?

A: If you are later than 10 minutes we may not be able to fulfil your full appointment. We will always try and offer you an alternative option. If you are later than 15 minutes we will have to cancel your appointment.

Q: Do you offer consultations?

A: We do indeed. We offer phone, in person and online consultations free of charge. Give us a call, book a free in person consultation online or drop us a message in the chat box in the bottom right of the screen.