Why you should try Sculpted Tips

Laurie Laurie
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Here are our top five reasons why you should try Sculpted Tips!

Let's start at the beginning. 

So what are Sculpted Tips?

Sculpted tips are the perfect way to create custom extensions. The sculpting method is an advanced nail extension technique created using Acrylic, PolyGel or Gel products, that are sculpted to match the shape of your natural nails.

During the sculpting process, rather than a plastic tip glued onto your nails, a paper foil form is attached to your finger. Once the form is secured, Acrylic, PolyGel or Gel is used to build the tip of the extensions to the desired length and shape, before fully creating the final structure of the nail.

Sculpted Tips

Now you know what Sculpted Tips are, Here are our top five reasons to try them.

No plastic tips!

Sculpted extensions are created using acrylic, polygel or gel products. Not only is this better for your nails, but it's also much better for the planet (Yay! No plastic). Sculpted nails are easier to remove, as the extensions are made from one complete product, rather than having to remove the product and the plastic tip.

Sculpted Tips can be made to any length or shape

Whether you are going for a coffin, almond or super-sharp stiletto, each nail form can be tweaked when applying to help create the perfect nail shape to enhance your nails. As well as this, nail lengths can be custom created from short, to extra-long extensions without the need to cut down plastic tips or stick 2-3 tips together to create longer lengths. This means longer, stronger nails.

Perfect for nail biters

Short nails including bitten nails, can sometimes be more challenging to create extensions using plastic tips since nail beds can be flatter or less natural nail to work with. Plastic tips tend not to fit small nail beds or bitten nails very well, this can often feel uncomfortable on your natural nail. With sculpted tips, you can achieve a more natural-looking set of extensions even with short or bitten nails. 

Sculpted Tips

The sculpting Technique can be used to correct or repair nails

If you have an irregular nail shape, such as nails that slope upwards or downwards often plastic tips won't fit, or you'll find the extensions don't last very long. Sculpted nails are a great way to correct the shape and create your desired look.

Design Freedom!

Sculpted nails provide you with more options when it comes to nail art and designs. Nail art simply looks better on sculpted tips. You can choose to have a natural pink cover colour, encapsulate glitter and flowers or hand-painted nail art. As there is no plastic tip attached to the nails there is less bulk and no visible tip line.

Sculpting provides a customisable nail extension process that takes into account the overall shape of your natural nails while giving you a personalised set of nails created to any shape or length you desire.

The sculpted extension method is offered as standard with all of our extension bookings. Head to our booking page to find out more.

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