Here are 5 Easy Eco-Friendly Salon Swaps

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Check out our 5 Easy Eco-friendly salon swaps that are the first step to becoming a planet-friendly business.

eco-friendly salon swaps

Go paperless – Ditch the paper diary and welcome a digital one. There are so many great cloud-based POS systems out there. Going digital will help to limit your paper consumption and offer the ability to send email receipts. As well as being GDPR compliant (unlike paper diaries) you can take online bookings, and cut down on admin such as the end of day reports. This is the easiest eco-friendly swap and will definitely make your life easier.

LED lighting – A super easy swap is LED lighting. Salons are filled with lights, so swapping out standard bulbs for LED bulbs is a small step to save the planet but perhaps a big saving for your pocket. A simple but important on

Biodegradable business cards and flyers – With so many choices for business cards and flyers it’s often easy to just go for the cheapest option. Although most flyers and cards are paper, the ink used to print on the paper may not be eco-friendly. Of course, you can recycle paper (and most inks can be removed during the deinking process). But why not go one better and swap to biodegradable business cards and flyers. You can even get cards and flyers that contain seeds. You can plant this paper and grow a range of flowers with them.

Eco-friendly cleaning products – We use cleaning products in salons daily, if not hourly. So swapping your cleaning products to eco-friendly brands is a simple but effective swap. Filled with unnecessary chemicals not only is it better for you and your client’s health, it’s better for the planet too.

Biodegradable colouring gowns –  Most hair colouring gowns are either plastic or made from polyester. With both being difficult to recycle why not switch to biodegradable gowns. We use Wear and Tear for our gowns, made from soft and natural wood fibres from sustainable forestry programs. An easy and affordable switch.

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